New magic development

If you read Ning’s blog, you know we have something cooking at the end of the month. Besides this project, our corporate shows and some filming we will be doing, this month is also a period of magic development.

We are currently building a brand new cool penetration illusion that uses a Star Wars-like light saber. It will be a visual spectacle that fits with our urban illusion style.

It is a modular performance illusion that will allow us to combine it with our other “light-based” illusions such as “Human Light Tunnel”, “Light & Space” and “Shadow Vision”.

I’ve been working on a number of new smaller effects for our professional repertoire; both stage & smaller acts. The smaller routines give texture to our larger shows and allows us to show a different dimension to the audience.

One of the items we have been developing over the months is a “pick a card” type effect. The funny thing is that in all the years that we have been performing, Ning & I have never done a “pick a card” type effect in our shows before.

More likely than not, it was because most “pick a card” type effects would appear too standard. And, if it were a card effect designed for stage, there are even more limitations to the plots and effects.

Now, coming up with a duo “pick a card” effect is even more challenging to ensure clarity of the plot, movements, direction and psychology of the effect.

We have developed one that works for us and we actually have a number of versions to it. We presented one recently for a client at a presentation. It was strong but I guess we will know how strong if we get the job 🙂

But look forward to seeing our version for our stage show, it is quite a baffling piece of magic! 🙂

Incidentally, here is one of my favourite card effects from my “Magic In Motion” Street Magic series developed for SPHMBO.

While Ning & I are typically booked for our illusion stage shows; from time to time, clients request us for close-up (or Street) magic. Hence, one reason we are always looking out for new material or to enhance/ improve our existing material. We also constantly need to material for TV, media interviews and client presentations.

Ning is a harsh and objective critic when it comes to selected effects for our show, even more so than me. Her mindset is very clear and focused on the important need to be innovative, different and personality-driven. Being more “classic-trained”, I’m more of an old-school magic geek and am often misdirected by the magician side of me. So, she keeps me grounded and relevant on the occasion I forget what we need.

Look out for a couple of announcements this week!


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