“Crystal Appearance” & “Crystal Metamorphosis” on Australia’s Got Talent

A few days ago, our illusions were featured on the TV show “Australia’s Got Talent”.

Perth illusionist, Adam Murby, performed two of our original designs a non-“Crystal” version of “Crystal Appearance” and our “Crystal Metamorphosis”. He did a good job on the presentation of our illusions and received a great reaction from the judges. Two gave him standing ovations! Watch the video here:

Both illusions are an excellent choice for this format of “reality competition” show. Magic acts do not fair well on this type of show and only a few have capitalized on their appearance. I think Adam did a good job and it will serve his budding career well.

Adam was one of the first to buy my “Urban Illusions” book when it came out in Jan 2009. He indicated interest to build “Crystal Metamorphosis” and I’m glad he put in the work to give the illusion justice. He is one of a handful of illusionists worldwide who have built the illusion and are using it professionally.

As an illusion designer, it is rewarding when another performer can use an original design to advance their careers. It is validation on the strength of the illusion designs and part of giving back to the magic community.

Now that you enoyed Adam’s “cover” versions, check out our originals here:

“Crystal Appearance” – The First Illusion

“Crystal Metamorphosis” – The Second Illusion


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