Oman Day 2 – Illusion Technical Run Through

Day 2 in Oman began with some play at the beach before work :-P… simply because the venue was not ready for our technical rehearsals to begin.

So we hit the beach for some sun and sand. Ning’s bikini pics caused a bit of stir so if you have not seen them, all the more reason to join us on Facebook.

Work started proper only later in the evening after the stage, lighting, sound and video were fully set. We loaded our gear onto stage into our backstage area. As the configuration of this stage was quite unique and was not very large depth-wise, we had designed a different set-up for our backstage area. This meant the movement of the illusions and “scene changes” were different from what we used to do.

The backstage area is also pretty tight due to the size of our illusions and it is almost sort of an intellectual puzzle maneuvering the illusions in the confined space. But, this was worked out after several trial runs.

We marked out the stage and did a complete run through of the show so all technical support crew as well the show producers understood the flow of the show. This allowed us to work on specific lighting designs and camera shots as well as EQ our sound.

All event settings pose different challenges and this was no different. But when teams of professionals work together to make things happen, no challenge is too big. It was a true international crew made of people from the U.K., Singapore, India and Oman.

One interesting aspect of this show is designing it with the cultural sensitivities of Oman in mind. Several elements had to be addressed that would not be even considered in any other country. There are a number of restrictions and the show producer, Robert, humourously noted that a Brit, Singaporean and Indian were discussing Oman culture. But, we completely understand the need to respect a country’s cultures and social norms. After all, we are guests in this beautiful country.

I think this is going to be a spectacular show and we hope to do Singapore proud with our brand of illusions in Oman for the very first time!


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