Filming with Marco Tempest for the Essential Magic Conference

Ning & I had the pleasure of spending time with one of the world’s most innovative and sought after high-end corporate magicians, Marco Tempest, The Virtual Magician.

I’ve been familiar with Marco’s work for almost 14 years but it was the first time meeting him in person. He is really a one of a kind magician and I even cited him as an example of a magician with a strong marketing position in my book “The Event Illusionist”.

He blew us away with some of his recent projects as well as a work-in-progress act which we think is going to be superb. If you have never seen any of his acts before, check out his incredible YouTube channel here.

Anyway, Marco was in town for a show but arranged to meet up with us to interview us for the Essential Magic Conference (EMC). The EMC is organised by Luis de Matos, Marco Tempest and David Britland. It is a not-for-profit venture designed to bring together magicians of all kinds via the internet to learn, share and collaborate.

This conference is the first of is kind event which features speakers from all over the world. In addition, EMC will also feature top magicians and distinctive magic personalities from across the world in video interviews.

Ning & I are honoured to be chosen to be part of EMC and are also a small handful of illusionists who are being interviewed. Marco filmed an interview with us and we shared various thoughts on illusion performance and presentation. It was a great shoot and Marco’s extensive TV producing experience and directing was evident as well as his passion to make us look good. Ok… Ning always looks good so he had to work harder for me 🙂


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