Full Throttle Reloaded V2.0 – Motorcycle Illusion Redesign

In the 2nd edition of my illusion book for magicians, “Equilateral”, I detailed the plans of an improved version of my original “Full Throttle” motorcycle illusion. Entiled ” Full Throttle: Reloaded”, it was a significant improvement over the version 1 design as it was more deceptive and presented the motorcycle in a more interesting manner.

I published the new design more than a year ago but never got a chance to fabricating it. We did present a version 1.5 (also detailed in the 2nd edition of “Equilateral”) in the first season of “Ultimate Magic”. After a year away from the illusion design, I had fresh eyes on the design and reworked a number of details and added vast improvements on “Reloaded”.

I’m very pleased with result as the method has been altered slightly for a effective deception. Our reworking of the lighting system of  Creative Illusions’ “Shadow Vision” also inspired me to add LED lights to light the inside of the prop. I have planned for a row of lights at the back of the prop to shine out, clearly showing the depth of the prop, among other things.

Now, that we are actually going to fabricate this new design, I had to work out the material lists, specifications and build schedule. Taking and calculating dimensions was also time-consuming and mentally draining. Working out dimensions is my least favourite part of the design process, but obviosuly, very important. When I design, I also have to consider how to case the illusion and pack it down.

I’ve had good experience working with stainless steel in recent illusions, such as our “360 Sawing”, so much of the exterior of the prop will be fabricated from that metal. The main structural base will be fabricated from aluminum tubing and laser-cut flatbar mig-welded together.

We are also going to have a brand new look for the Yamaha sports motorcycle that we use in the illusion so that will be fun too 🙂

We intend to start building when we get back from Oman for our show for the Toyota/ Lexus dealership there. Stay tuned!

About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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