Shipping out our gear to Oman, Middle East

Yesterday, we returned to Singapore from Malaysia early in the morning because we had an important lunch meeting that we had to be present at.

While Ning & I attended the meeting, the rest of the team received our props that were trucked back from Johor. The illusions were unpacked, repacked and cased for preparations to ship to Oman today.

We designed a different show for Oman than Malaysia based on the client’s requirements,  budget and scale of the event.  We are air freighting almost 1 volumetric tonne of illusions for a 30min show.

It will be a packed show featuring many of our best illusions including Light & Space, Crystal Metamorphosis, 360 Sawing and Extreme Burn.

The gear is being loaded out of the studio as I write this. You can see the cases being lined up out of our now-tiny studio. But, we are leaving one full show’s worth of illusions back in Singapore for local shows during the time our gear is in transit.

Later this evening, the team will go for our weekly bonding/workout session – Yay!


About J C Sum

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