Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions in Malaysia for SP Setia

The Concept:Magic team headed over the causeway with a truckload of illusions to stage two full 45min illusion shows for SP Setia at two of their properties over the weekend.

We staged two shows at two different venues over two days. Each venue had banners, posters and flyers that promoted our show as the main highlight of the 2-day event. Our promo trailer was also looped and played in the showroom offices of the properties.

MediaCorp artiste, Quan Yi Fong, was booked as the show host for the events.

We designed a custom show for this client and performed to packed outdoor venues of almost a thousand people. It was a thrill bringing our brand of magic & illusion to a new audience who had only seen us on TV.

We performed many of our favourite illusions and acts and closed the show with one of our signature illusions – “Crystal Metamorphosis”.

Check out the photos below taken by Simon Kong (

Here is an interesting “incident”:  After the show, in a slip of her tongue Yi Fong actually announced Ning as “Magic Babe Yong”. :-S

If you did not know, Yi Fong worked on Channel U’s “The Illusionist” where Ann Kok’s character was coincidentally named “Babe Yong”.

We observed that the TV show had many coincidences with our work and stage characters. The producers of the show disagreed with our observations but it seems one of the stars of the show too was mixed up with real life and reel life. But, I digress…

After the 2nd show, we packed down our gear and loaded up the truck for the props to be transported back to Singapore. We were waiting for our mini bus back to the hotel so had some fun taking photos in our private dressing area (a show flat).

Ning showing off the size of her cups.

This is the first time i have worn a cup over my head

We worked with a fantastic bunch of people for this show to make the overall event a huge success.

Here we are with the event team.

Our team snuck in some shopping time just before the 2nd show.

Simon Kong is the photographer of all the photos you see here…. except this one

Ning with Close-up Magician, Zlwin Chew, who was booked to work the crowd before the main show. He is an excellent magician with a solid reportoire of effects.

We had a great time performing and thanks to David Lai for recommending us and knowing that our show would be perfect for this event! 🙂


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3 Responses to Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions in Malaysia for SP Setia

  1. David says:

    You did a GREAT job JC . I’m happy you had fun .=) See you soon , will be in Singapore next week ! =)

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