Working on & off stage on a TGIF!

This was an eventful and tiring Friday. We worked two shows in the evening. The first one was for a special appreciation dinner party for Orchard Scotts, a premium development in a prime district by Far East Organization.

We designed a specal show that was audience interactive and featured a version of our “The Impossible 4D Prediction”. The show content was unique and varied and the bilingual presentation ensured the international crowd understood and enjoyed the show.

After that, we headed to Marriot Hotel where Ning was booked to stage her “Deadly Sexy Magic” one-gal show for the AXA Insurance Awards Ceremony 2010. She was the closing act as a finale to a night of entertainment and awards.

I had the chance to watch the show from the back of the room and it was heartwarming to see the entire audience captivated and watching her on stage. With the help of live feed cameras projected on screens, the audience could see close-ups of her more intimate acts like “Razor Blade Tongue Twister” that includes a fire eating segment.

Her finale illusion “Body Through Steel” that is preluded by her “Dance of the Sais” received a particularly strong ovation as did her signature “Strait Jacket Striptease”.

After the show, we headed back to the studio to load out props being trucked to Malaysia for 2 full illusion shows over the weekend. I also had an overseas conference call to the UK to finalize contract, shipping and travel details for our big illusion show for Toyota over in Oman the following week.

Later in the morning (Sat morning that is!), the team will head out to Malaysia to set up for a show later that night. That’s in a few hours time! :-O


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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