Illusion Projects Upate

This has been a week of negotiating & trying to work out deals for a variety of pending projects. Ning & I are each heading up diferent projects that include a mega illusion, overseas shows and TV shows. This is the true business behind show business and is just as difficult and challenging as the “show” itself for the commercial creative artist.

We spent hours on meetings and overseas conference call the past few days to make some of these exciting projects a reality. We have been going over stage plans, show programs, shipping manifests, technical drawings and flight schedules to see how to make everything happen.

 A couple of projects have been confirmed and we are still waiting for budget and management approvals for a few critical ones. But, generally, we are very excited to extend our brand over a diverse range of the projects that span different countries.

Tonight, we work two shows in Singapore, then a bunch of illusions have to be picked up to be trucked to Malaysia for our two shows this weekend.

We arrive back in Singapore on Monday morning. While Ning and I will head for a lunch meeting for another special project, the rest of the team will come back to the studio to prep a new set of props that are to be shipped out to Oman for a big show the following week. All props will be ATA-cased, the largest for this trip being our “360 Sawing” which measures a hefty 6.5ft x 3ft x 5ft and weighs about 200kg!

While Ning & I work on the business development and show production front of projects, we are very fortunate to have a great support team to ensure all the backend work is handled smoothly. From logistical management of our props, to contracts/ invoices and travel arrangements for the team, it is a mountain of work to accomplish, especially when all the shows are back to back.

I’m glad the team will all be part of the upcoming two back to back overseas shows as I’m sure it will be a tremendous experience, especially Middle East which will be a first time for most of them.

Looks like I will have no time to work on my Voyager Class Optimus Prime till end of Apr.


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