WIP Movie-Accurate Voyager Class Optimus Prime

I never considered customizing a Voyager class Prime but when I was looking through various spare parts and accessories that I had, I realized that they better suited the scale of the Voyager class than the leader class Primes which I have/ am working on. 

So, I now have a 60% complete Work in Progress (WIP) Voyager Class Prime on my work table.

The original Voyager Class mold is designed by Hasbro as a mid-range easier-to-transform model of Optimus Prime. As a result, the transformed robot mode is quite far from what is depicted in the movies, unlike the larger Leader Class Prime. 

Ironically, I actually have 5 voyager class Primes from the 2007 and 2009 releases in sealed boxes. I never opened any till I started on this project. 

Lo and behold, it is actually quite a decent transformation and has some cool details; even though it is not as movie accurate as the Leader Class Primes. I was pleasantly surprised by the articulation and novel elements like the “vanishing” driver in the hub cab when the door is opened. 

I highly recommend this as a (relatively) inexpensive Optimus Prime toy for those not intending to spend over SG$100 for the Leader Class Prime. 

While this is a mold that has been done before by other customizers around the world, I think I’ve added enough to this custom for it to be unique. 

First, it is modified to be a movie accurate version of Optimus Prime. It is also probably the most detailed Voyager Class Prime out there. 

There is a trade-off (which some might feel is too big a trade-off but I’m fine with). The figure is now not transformable. 

I have never seen anyone do a movie accurate Voyager Class Prime beyond removing the “backpack” made out of the front cab and bonnet of the truck. Maybe because it is too difficult and will result in a non-transformable figure. 

I spent nights planning and designing the figure and it took me a week cutting, grinding, filing, drilling and sanding to sculpt the figure. All this before priming and painting even began.

I actually started work on this after Chinese New Year after my “Jungle Camouflage” Prime. I did most of the sculpting work then but stopped to work on my “Power Up” Prime.

Look out for this Voyager Class soon!


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