Illusion Show Preparations

I’m glad I finished up the custom “Power Up” Optimus Prime because this week will be a busy week for us.

We have a show on Friday in Singapore and on Saturday, we will be bringing our full illusion show across the causeway for two shows over the weekend.

The way we approach our overseas full illusions shows is to stage the best show we can based on the budget. But, at the same time, we have to think of the efficient packing of the show so that cargo shipping costs are kept affordable for the client and set-up/ pack down for the crew is not too taxing. We have different illusions and set-ups for local and overseas shows but have figured out a system that works for us. Our illusion inventory is also extensive enough to ensure we have a full show left in Singapore to support local events, since when cargo is shipped, the illusions are out for at least a week.

For this particular show, it is fairly easy because we are trucking the illusions, no need for air cargo. We are bringing a truckload (literally) of illusions for the shows including some of the staples in our current full show package for special & corporate events; such as, Human Light Tunnel, Crystal Metamorphosis, Crystal Appearance and The Spike Box to name a few.

We understand that our showreel trailer will be shown in the client’s offices in Malaysia to hype up our show. Bringing our brand of sexy magic/ urban illusions to a new audience is always great. This is the trailer that will be shown:

Ning & I will also be filming a cameo appearance on a Channel 5 program on Wed morning. It is going to be hilarious I think… the experience as well as the end product. More on this later. 🙂

Later that evening, we have an overseas conference call with a client to bring our full illusion show out of the country once again. We are trying to design a show to fit the venue and are arranging the shipping of our illusions out at the same time.

The team had our now-weekly (as far as possible) team bonding/ workout session today as well. It was loads of fun and next week it is going to be a 2-hour session! Yippee. Yes, babe, I promise H20.

More updates soon!

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