‘Magic Babe’ teaches her “Dance of the Sais”

If you are on our Facebook page, you would have seen us post a brand new video yesterday evening. This was a little pet project that we had planned for a couple of months now. We got the chance to film it and put together a semi-formal video of Ning teaching her signature “Dance of the Sais” techniques.

One of the elements that makes our illusion performances unique is the incorporation of weapons and flourishes with weapons in the choreography of the illusions. A lot of illusionists perform an obligatory dance before an illusion which Ning & I both hate, but we share a passion for knives and weapons. So, whenever appropriate, we choreography weapon flourishes into the show.

Years ago, when we first worked on Ning’s “Dance of the Sais” (as I have named it), there was no reference material on how to twirl and handle Sais; aside from using them as weapons. So, using techniques from cheerleading baton spinning and sword twirling, we developed the techniques that Ning use. Over the years, she has refined her Sai flourishes to an art.

Now that the Sais are almost synomynous with ‘Magic Babe’ in the magic world, we felt it was timely to give back to.

The sassy beautiful ‘Magic Babe’ all ready for the shoot above which actually took over 2.5 hours to film. We made the video as concise as possible, yet informative and entertaining to watch. At the end of the tutorial, there is also a sneak peek of something Ning has been working on. Watch it on Youtube here or below: 

If you have been following Ning’s performances and our blogs, you will realize that she now has mastered all four signature weapons of each of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Her childhood dream has been fulfilled!


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