Our Magic @ the 2010 Earth Hour Concert at Esplanade Park

How did you celebrate Earth Hour this year?

After the “Own the Stage” auditions, we made our way down to Esplanade Park for the 2010 Earth Hour Concert organized by WWF. Our industry friends Jamie Yeo and Jack & Rai were on the program as well and they did a great job in entertaining the crowd.

When Ning & I arrived, our trusty crew was already in place and briefed us on the challenging performing conditions. Being a show for an environmental cause, the staging and lighting were to the bare minimum in the effort to conserve resources. What little electricity was used to power the audio equipment was provided by a special bio-diseal generator.

Besides that, the stage was not built entirely level and we were right next to the Singapore River which was subjected to large gusts of winds every few minutes. The backdrop to the open stage was the Singapore city skyline that was scheduled to go dark to support Earth Hour.

We altered the show slightly and chose to present “personality pieces” since we were booked to bring our brand to the event, not our illusions. Most of the people in the audience were familiar with us and had least heard of our mega illusions and other projects, so we had a great reaction from them right from the start.

Once we took the stage, the numbers swelled towards the stage, well over a thousand people. We were the final act on the program just before Earth Hour, which was to commence sharp at 830pm. So, we got the crowd into a frenzy for the big blackout moment.

I personally enjoy shows like this. While I love performing grand illusions, I feel the true strength and value of an entertainer is his/ her ability to connect to the audience and entertain through their personality, on top of their art or craft. Ning & I have worked hard to build our brand and gain mainstream acceptance. So, it is rewarding to be validated when we do public shows like the Earth Hour Concert.

After the show, a large number of fans (old & new) came up to us to talka nd take photos. Thanks to Jimmy, Lillian, Zuma, Tanat, Shing Hoong, Ted, Zuma, David, Yung Zheng and all the rest who supported us! We really appreciate it!


Ok… this is not a fan but the WWF mascot 🙂

More friends and fans have joined us on Facebook which is really one of the best ways to connect with us and learn the latest news & updates on our major projects.

Join us at www.facebook.com/jcsum.magicbabening


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