Totally Impressed by “Own the Stage” Auditions

We spent the Sat afternoon holding auditions for “Own the Stage”, a one-off little project where we are looking to give a talent a platform to showcase his or her act. Thanks to all the participants who took the time and effort to sign up and be part of this unique experience!

All who participated were either amateurs or semi-pro performers and we had the pleasure of watching a wide range of magic and non-magic acts. We were really pleasantly surprised and impressed by the effort and quality of the acts. Honestly, I was personally entertained with every single act and every act had something that appealed to me. Having watched “American Idol” and the jokers who turn up for the auditions, I was wondering if we were to get any “William Hungs” but we didn’t.

On Monday and Tuesday, we are going to review the video footage and see which act will be picked for “Own the Stage”. It was not as clear-cut as we had anticipated so will have to put some thought into choosing the right act.

There are several factors that we are considering. For example, the chosen act will be co-starring in a public show that we are producing in May 2010 so we have to consider how this act fits with the rest of the show and if it complements the existing content. The act also must have commercial value that will appeal to the mass lay public, which is who the show is targeted at.

We will announce the winner on our Facebook Page ( ) on this coming Wed, 31 Mar 2010.

Good luck to all!

About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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