Customized Illusion Show for Nissan Murano Launch

This evening, the team put together a custom illusion show for Nissan customers for the launch of their new model Murano 2.5L SUV.

We were happy to bring our brand to the packed crowd at the Nissan showroom and we created a 15min show that ended with the surprise introduction of two actual cars!

It was a great show by all counts and we received a fantastic reaction from the client, event partner and guests.

Among the multiple illusions we squeezed into the act included  Crystal Appearance where ‘Magic Babe’s’ potrait photograph transforms into the real lady herself!

After the successful launch, we chatted with friends from the media…

… as well as customers who recognized us from our mega illusions! Cool 🙂

Here we are with the marketing team from Nissan posing in front of the Murano 2.5. They were very pleased with the show as it effectively launched the car with much fanfare and spectacular build.

With the event partner giving a “hooray” for a successful car launch!

The key to making such corporate launch shows a success is presenting the highest level of illusion yet fulfiling the client’s marketing objectives.

When spending a 5-figure sum, the client is making an investment in choosing a novel act, like an illusion show, for a major launch. Entertainment may be important but is not a primary goal. The event partner puts its reputation and credibility on the line when proposing such an idea so will only choose partners they are 100% sure can deliver.

Understanding the marketing objectives and customizing the illusion show content and script to support the goals is a science in itself. Verbal delivery of the show is also critical as the performers are the defacto spokespersons for the event.

Logisitics is another piece of the marketing magic puzzle. Our event partner was probably a bit frustrated initially with our stringent technical requirements but they understood when the final result was delivered perfectly. It was fantastic working with the entire event and AVL team!

Any large-scale illusion that involves a vehicle is a challenge due to the sheer size of the object. Now, two cars make it twice as difficult. Luckily the showroom had all the space we needed and we could design the staging requirements to our needs.

We are glad this launch went well and are gearing up for several big corporate shows in the next 2 weeks. But first, remember the Earth Hour concert @ Esplanade Park is this coming Sat, 27 Jun 2010, from 7pm – 10pm. Our slot is at 8pm. Support the cause and join us there!


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