J C Sum & Magic Babe on SPHMBO TVs

Ning & I were at Novena Square mall for lunch when we noticed a crowd gathered around a SPHMBO TV screen. Then Ning suddenly exclaimed: “Hey, that’s us!” Sure enough, it was full performance footage of our illusions from one of our shows at St James Power Station.

Full clips of our “Crystal Metamorphosis” and “360 Sawing” were aired. We purposely stood next to the people watching the screen seeing if they would notice us and have a moment of dual reality but no one paid attention to us because they were watching the screen intently. Even with Ning giving playful glances around, no one turned to look at her!

SPHMBO is a unit of Singapore Press Holdings and they have an extensive outdoor media network that includes giant videos screens and plasma TVs in malls throughout the country. From time to time, they air footage from past news stories so it is awesome they chose our footage out of thousands of videos to show. The clips were immediately repeated because we saw them on another TV on another level minutes later.

We do have a past relationship with SPHMBO. In 2007, we produced a 24-Episode Street Magic series for them that was shown on their screens throughout the country. Tens of thousands of people watched the videos every day. Here is one of my favourite episodes from the series:


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