Don’t Miss Your Chance to “Own the Stage”

We are looking forward to the “Own the Stage” auditions this Sat!

The timeslots are packed tightly at 15min intervals so we will have our afternoon full.

We still have 4 timeslots available so don’t miss out! We received many questions so here are some answers to frequently asked ones:

1) Our main criteria is not a professional world class act. We are specifically looking for Entertainment Value, Enthusiasm and Originality

2) The auditions will be private. Your audition will not be seen by other participants, only a small group of people

3) No “bad” auditions will be made public. Our purpose is not to use anyone’s auditions for entertainment (ala American Idol).

4) Do not worry if your act is not 100% complete or polished as that is where we come in to work with you to produce the act

5) We prefer all acts to be self contained regarding stage props, attire and furniture.

The whole point of this project is to give you an opportunity that may not easily come your way so we encourage to just do it. You will never know, if you never try! So, if you have a talent and looking to showcase it! Just Do it!

After the auditions, join us at the Earth Hour concert held at the Esplanade Park from 7pm – 10pm. Our time slot is around 8pm. The concert is FREE and we look forward to supporting a great cause and meeting YOU!

Our photo accompained an event promo for the concert in the current issue of i-weekly!


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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