Channel U’s “The Illusionist” – ANOTHER Coincidence???!

In a previous entry on interesting similarities between Channel U’s “The Illusionist” TV show and our work, I considered the possibility of independent creation resulting in similarities seen in the show.

However, in a recent episode, it was revealed that Ann Kok’s character was formerly known as “Babe Yong” when she was previously assisting Thomas Ong’s title character.

Seriously… “Babe Yong”??!

The reason we knew was because we received half a dozen emails, SMSes and Facebook messages from people who felt it was all too familiar.

I should point out that we are not upset in anyway but flattered and amused that we have entered enough of mainstream consciousness to be modelled after 😀

I did a bit of research and here’s the rundown on the character written for Ann Kok: 

In the show, Ann Kok’s character was known as “Babe Yong” when she was assisting for James Lee. As quoted from the Mediacorp “The Illusionist” webpage, the character is described as “James’ cool and sexy former disciple”.

In addition. “For Ann’s performances, she has to deal with smoke, fire and sharp objects 她的魔术有烟雾有火,危险性高。”

The real thing ‘Magic Babe’ Ning – “the sexiest woman in magic” (MagicSeen magazine)

As quoted from ‘Magic Babe’s’ wiki profile, “Ning dislikes being typecast as a typical female in magic who plays submissive roles to males and only performs magic with silks, flowers, umbrellas or rabbits. She incorporates samurai swords, twirling fire balls, spikes and weapons in her show.”

What do you think?


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