Facets of Our Corporate Entertainment

We have been busy this past week with meetings and shows as well as the preparation for corporate shows… hence the low frequency of blog entries.

So far this week, we have staged 3 different shows with one more later tonight. As with all our event work over the past few years, the event brief has been similar. The client specifications called for customized shows for either a large-scale event or an exclusive high-end function for executive audiences. It is encouraging for us when clients specifically chose us because they know they can trust us to deliver for their big and important events.

For large-scale events, we are often called to produce lavish customized illusion shows full of visual spectacle and excitement. This is when we put together the most innovative show based on the client’s budget and requirements.

For the smaller intimate affairs, we present something completely different because the audiences are generally very well-traveled and sophisticated. Even though the audience sizes differ greater, the budgets for the shows don’t change so you can imagine the importance of the guests for the smaller events where cost per head is much more. For more than a year, Ning & I have been working on a brand new show concept and we actually have already presented it to great success for selective events. We will officially launch the show some time in the future.

This week, two of the shows were of the large-scale visual nature and the other two are for small exclusive events. So, it is a great diverse mix for us and the team.

One of the events we were involved in was for Philip Morris who was having an internal event cum awards presentation. It was a big bash with a fun and innovative event theme that played on the MTV awards. Kudos to the event theme for decorating the venue and coming up with the creatives to highlight the theme.

For this event, we were engaged to put together a large stage show as well as create an illusion where a 8-person strong sales team magically appears on stage. This was to introduce the top sales team of the year in a novel and surprising way. We conceptualized both aspects of the projects, designed the show/ custom illusion and executed both successfully!

Besides our unique brand of “Urban Illusions in the City”, the strength of the show was the personality and dynamics that we brought as well as presenting the show bilingually in English and Mandarin due to the diverse make-up of the 500-strong audience.

Here are some pics from the show.

Event shows pose various challenges for an illusion team due to the variables that we have to work with. The venue is different each time and poses different challenges.

The size of the room, size of the stage, height of ceiling and loading bay facilities are all variables that determine what type of illusions can be staged. The event program, including activities and other entertainment items for the event, can also affect what illusions can be staged due to space constraints, rehearsal schedules or technical support.

Bearing in mind, performing a self-contained illusion show is one thing, but creating a custom illusion that involves company staff is another.

For this particular Philip Morris event, the biggest challenge was the loading facilities of the venue. We could do the biggest illusions we wanted in the ballroom but the restricted size of the loading facilities would not allow us to bring in illusions that are too large. Thankfully, we have the illusion inventory and experience to create the best and biggest possible show even with such restrictions. We brought in multiple illusions based on the restrictions including our Crystal Appearance, Human Light Tunnel, Spike Box and Extreme Burn, including a custom illusion to produce 8 people on stage.

I’m really proud of our team’s ability to provide the turnkey production of a large-scale event illusion show. We are fortunate that we also have a great team who understand what is needed and share the same high standard and expectations. This high standard (unfortunately to the chagrin of less professional individuals) keeps us busy with corporate events in Singapore and overseas.

The content and execution of a world-class show may be what the audience and client sees but it is the backend engineering, logistic planning and management, communication with tech support crew and event manager that will make the show work.

In fact, my book “The Event Illusionist” (released only to the international magic community) discusses all aspects of an event illusion show production. I put together the book in 2004 because there was nothing else like it in the market. I released an updated 2nd Edition in 2008 and collectively both editions have been sold to hundreds of magicians in over 30 countries.

Next week, we have a couple more shows including one public performance that we will announce shortly.

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