Shadow Vision Illusion Video

Here is a performance of our version of a rarely seen illusion called “Shadow Vision”.

The original design & fabrication of this prop is by the late-Ken Whitaker & Paul Haynes from Creative Illusions. We redesigned, made physical modifications and restaged the entire illusion.

This is the only one in the world where a girl is NOT the one being divided.

In our performances, role reversal and female empowerment is a recurring theme and not a novelty routine. While an illusion like the “Assistant’s Revenge” is common place in many illusionists’ shows, it is performed as a one off, often humourous illusion where the assistant gets back at the male lead.

In our show, the female is an equal and in ‘Magic Babe’s’ case, often the more “dominant” of the two performers. In many of our illusions, I’m the one being spiked, divided or penetrated at the hands of ‘Magic Babe’.

Watch “Shadow Vision” on Youtube here or below:


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One Response to Shadow Vision Illusion Video

  1. Paris Antonopoulos says:

    Are illusion plans available ?

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