Custom Illusion Show for Singtel Launch

Yesterday, we performed our last big show before our self imposed 2-week break commences.

It was a custom illusion show for Singtel’s MioTV launch to the hospitality industry. We were booked to present a customized illusion show that saw us bring in as many illusions as we could possibly fit onto the stage at Zouk.

Our years working challenging venues and large illusion inventory ensured we could stage the best possible show.

Even with the tiny main & backstage footprint and 7ft backstage height, we managed to perform several of our favourite illusions including Crystal Appearance, Crystal Metamorphosis, Extreme Burn and a VIP appearance from a Singtel equipment case. It was a soccer-themed event so we had lots of soccer related illusions and magic.

We also presented a custom version of our 4D Prediction that I will not elaborate to protect our intellectual property. You can imagine Singtel’s excitment to bring this mega prediction to their event. In fact, they are the first organization that we are doing this for.

MediaCorp Class 95FM DJ Glenn Ong was the host and it was great working with him again. He heard about our successful 4D Prediction all over the news and has actually watched the official video too!

We will come back to work on 22 Feb for a couple weeks of corporate shows straight all the way to April. Plus. several exciting projects might develop by then.

Now, that our crazy period is over for now (I know March is gonna be a killer), I will be starting on my 2nd custom Optimus Prime tomorrow 🙂

Oh, don’t forget our Facebook contest for a brand new ipod that is going on! Check out the details here.


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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