11 Exciting Months Ahead!

One month of 2010 has passed and it looks like it is going to be an exciting and rewarding 11 months ahead!

We kept “The Impossible 4D Prediction” in our bag almost to the last minute to create a really big surprise! And it did! This “stunt” has been the most talked about “mega act” we have ever presented and has inspired much opinions and debate. We hate to sound cliched but we predicted this would happen 🙂

This first-of-its-kind “mega” prediction and our “Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions” show was not only a great way to kick off the year for magic in Singapore but served as a great platform to start the year for the Concept:Magic team.

We have quite a few exciting projects in the pipeline for this year.

We are trying to close the deal for at least one mega illusion or stunt. We  are actually in discussions with 4 different parties to stage a mega event with. As with all these type of complex acts, logistics, budgets and scheduling are all factors that can make or break a deal. But, I’m confident that at least one will go through.

Ning & I might debut a brand new show that we have actually been working on in the back burner for one & a half years now. We are not sure if 2010 will be the year to showcase this completely different show; different from any of our illusion shows.

Some Concept:Magic talents are going to get a big boost to their performance resumes soon! For the past 2 years, they have been honing their crafts, show by show, week by week. It is time to raise them to the next level.

More than a handful of talents have come through Concept:Magic’s “developmental system” and are now full-time professionals in their own right. So, expect innovative things from them!

We have also been offered two unique opportunities that are still in development so we are crossing our fingers and working hard for that.

Industry partners are seeking us out for major corporate events which are really our bread and butter. What is encouraging is that we are still the first choice when it comes to high-end launches, conferences and media events.

Our illusion repertoire, track record for mega-scale events, media portfolio, brand value and the dynamics we bring as an equal duo are competitive edges that ensure corporate clients are confident to invest in us for their critical events.

We really have to thank our old and new fans for their continued support, the local & regional media and of course our industry partners and clients.

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About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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