Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions rounds up our week at St James!

Just a few hours ago, we wrapped up our last show at St James Power Station with our brand new show “Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions”.

Our new show is completely new in style, delivery and acts from our previous permanent show “Ultimate Magic”. Working on the material since Sep 2009, the show included quite a number of new illusions and acts that pushed ourselves as performers to a higher level. Here are some scenes from the show.

Sexy & Graceful Fire Staff Spinning by ‘Magic Babe’

A new presentation and twist to “Extreme Burn”

One of our latest illusions – “The Spike Box”

Our version of a unique illusion called “Shadow Vision”

A brand new psychological illusion created for this show

Always a crowd pleaser and one of our signature illusions called “360 Sawing”

A poetic, intense and sweet finale to “Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions”

It has been a blast working with highly professional tech crew at St James. They move fast, work fast and know their stuff!

Our current Concept:Magic team is one of the best we have had and they not only have kept up with the crazy schedule we have had since Dec 2009 but have excelled in all their roles.

Not only did we pull off one of our most difficult sustained “mega acts”, the team also ensured we also presented a full 60min illusion show every night for 5 nights. And remember, this is a brand new show!

I remember working on our production schedule in late Nov 2009 and saw how heavy our workload was all the way to Chinese New Year in mid Feb 2009. So, I had ‘warned’ the team in advance to try to maintain steam till then. They are still going strong! Kudos to each and everyone of them… hang in there!

Today (Sunday), we start the day early for an early day corporate show. So, the team has to load out some illusions from St James first, get  them to the show venue, do the show, then head back to St James for the rest of the gear to load back to the studio.

After which, we will work on “The Impossible 4D Prediction” video that we are really excited about.

We have a corporate launch on Wed so will be spending Mon & Tues prepping for that. So no rest yet…

HOWEVER… the week after, we will be getting into our holiday mood as we will be taking a 10-day break. Unfortunately, we had to reject a couple of shows but it will be our only break in the year.


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