Media Coverage for “The Impossible 4D Prediction”

“They had a one in 10000 chance of predicting the first prize 4D number for Wednesday’s draw – 5853 – and they did.” ~ Channel News Asia

“LOCAL celebrity illusionists, Ning Cai and JC Sum, have succeeded in their “psychological illusion stunt” of predicting a winning 4D number in Wednesday’s draw.” ~ AsiaOne

“IT WAS a feat they had never performed before – predicting four numbers for the 4D national lottery.” ~ The Straits Times

We are proud to have kicked off the year with a psychological illusion that captured the imagination of the public and media! See Ning’s thoughts on it here.

“The Impossible 4D Prediction” was designed as a complete departure from our past mega illusions and stunts. As such, the overall “story” and presentation of the psychological illusion was different from anything we had done previously. This meant a different strategy in marketing and executing the illusion which resulted in a lot of positive response from Singaporeans.

Besides making mainstream news, the stunt also created frenzy in the online world in blogs, forums and social networking sites.

The buzz created by “The Impossible 4D Prediction” made the term “magic babe ning” the #1 most searched term on Yahoo Singapore on 21 Jan 2010. We are also one of the top stories on Google News Singapore as well as the top entertainment story on 29 Jan 2010, 11am.

Here is a list of the coverage we received from our supportive traditional and new media:

“They had winning digits but did not bet”, The New Paper, 30 Jan 2010

7pm Primetime News, CTV (Taiwan), 28 Jan 2010

“I think we are ethical in what we did” (Magician’s 4D predictions Pt2), Razor TV, 28 Jan 2010

“Their first lottery ticket (Magician’s 4D predictions Pt1)”, Razor TV, 28 Jan 2010

“Magicians predict 4D winner”, The Straits Times, 28 Jan 2010

Interview on 91.3FM, 28 Jan 2010

“S’pore illusionists spot on in 4D prediction”, Channel News Asia, 28 Jan 2010

“帅哥美女魔术师 测真字有多准”,, 27 Jan 2010

“Magicians’ 4D prediction comes true”, AsiaOne, 27 Jan 2010

“Hot Magic Babe & J C Sum show how they predict 4D lottery”, Wayang Times, 25 Jan 2010

AsiaOne multimedia, 25 Jan 2010

 “What’s On: Mon’s top picks”, The Straits Times, 25 Jan 2010

“本地著名魔术师 昨晚预测真字 下周三揭谜底”, 新明日报, 23 Jan 2010

“Top pick of weekly picks”, The Straits Times, 22 Jan 2010

“Singapore magic duo to predict winning lottery numbers”, CNN, 20 Jan 2010

美女魔术师预测4D开奖号 彩民均可免费参观”, 新浪网新闻, 20 Jan 2010

新加坡美女魔术师预测4D出码 彩民免费参观”, 爱波网新闻, 20 Jan 2010

新加坡魔术师本周五预测“4D”奖号”, 公益时报, 20 Jan 2010 

 “Singapore Magic Babe & JC will predict winning 4D lottery numbers”, Wayang Times, 19 Jan 2010


“Magic Babe Ning Attempts the Impossible… Guess 4D”, Spicy Mother, 19 Jan 2010

Interview on 93.3FM, 19 Jan 2010

“Singapore Duo attempt lottery prediction”, iTricks, 18 Jan 2010

Interview on 91.3FM, 18 Jan 2010

“S’pore Magic Duo to predict 4D winning numbers”, Channel New Asia, 18 Jan 2010

 “美女帅哥 魔术测头奖真字”, 联合晚报, 18 Jan 2010

“美女魔术师 预测万字头奖”, 新明日报, 18 Jan 2010

“Will illusionists be disillusioned?”, The New Paper, 18 Jan 2010

Thank you for all the support! I’m still penning my take on the “inside look” of this entire psychological illusion that I’m sure many will find interesting.

Look out for our next mega illusion or stunt!


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