More media coverage for “The Impossible 4D Prediction”

Our show “Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions” as well as our “The Impossible 4D Prediction” are both The Straits Times “What’s on – Top Picks”.


Witness the live revelation of the 4D prediction by International Magic Society 2009 Merlin Award winners and celebrity illusionists duo – JC Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning – at The Boiler Room @ St James Power Station on Wednesday. The illusion stunt coincides with the Magic Duo’s latest show – Sexy Magic/Urban Illusions – on at 8pm at The Boiler Room from Tuesday till Sat.

Where: St James Station, Boiler Room MRT: HarbourFront When: Wed, 6.30pm (witness live revelation of the 4D prediction Admission: Free (pay $40 each for a ticket to the 60-minute Sexy Magic/Urban Illusions show, including a complimentary drink and free club entry later) Tel: 6270-7676 Info: Go to

You can see the original listing here.

Get your tickets today!

AsiaOne also featured exclusive photos of the sealing of our 4D Prediction in their multi-media section here.

Wayang Times did a follow-up story too here!

Thanks guys for the continued support! 27 Jan 2010 is going to be a historic day in Singapore magic!

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