Technology support for “The Impossible 4D Prediction” live 4D results

Have not checked out our 4D prediction boxes that has been hanging high outside St James Power Station since Friday? 🙂

Thousands of people will see the chest over the course of the 5 days that it will be up so do “visit” the 4D Prediction as you can also stand a chance to win $888.

As with all our mega illusions and stunts, technology serves an important function in the method, technical support or marketing for the events. In the case of our 4D prediction that will be taking place this coming Wed, 27 Jan 2010, technology will play an important role to support the actual presentation of the pyschological illusion.

We have teamed up with the great people at Service and will be using their application and platform to provide us with the live 4D results at St James Power Station when we reveal our prediction. The results will be fed to us via the Internet and projected on a giant video screen for the live audience to see. Service ( ) provides 4D and TOTO  live results in real time at 6:33pm on draw dates so it was a natural decision to work with them on this prediction.

The great thing is that you can verify that the results shown on our projection screen are legitimate by downloading the Service app onto your iphone or Android. This means you can see the results for yourself on your own phone.

iphone apps 

android apps 

We are gearing up for the big reveal as well as our “Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions” show that starts on 26 Jan 2010, Tues. It is going to be a blast with loads of new acts and routines that the team has been working on since last Sep. See you there!

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One Response to Technology support for “The Impossible 4D Prediction” live 4D results

  1. sasi says:

    i want sg 4d live today 6.6.2010

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