Break in Attempt on the 4D Prediction Box

Ok… it is nothing that serious but it is funny 🙂

During our routine check-in with St James Power Station on the status of our 4D Prediction Boxes, they mentioned that there were several patrons who did try to jump up to take swipes at the hanging prediction chest. Most were in jest and some just partially drunken antics.

There was one funny incident where a group of friends apparently bet one person to try to break into the 4D prediction box. So, he grabbed a barstool from one the outlets and tried to reach up to the box. Obviously, the box is hung too high. Anyway, security quickly saw what was happening and shouted at the guy who hopped off and ran away.

We thought it sounded hilarious so asked St James to forward us footage from the security camera. Check it out on Youtube here.


About J C Sum

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One Response to Break in Attempt on the 4D Prediction Box

  1. Joel Tay says:

    Haha… this is hilarious. Looks like the master can’t perform his prediction in peace. You have some die hard fans out there.

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