Signed, Sealed and Suspended – The Impossible 4D Prediction Part 1

On 22 Jan 2010 at 835pm, we presented Part 1 of another historic illusion act that is the first of its kind in Singapore! – the psychological illusion of predicting the winning 4D lottery numbers!

Thank you for your support for those who took the time to come down!

Media turnout was fantastic. Many are compiling the story with the 27 Jan revelation of our prediction so they documented the sealing of the prediction and suspension of the prediction chests high up outside the St James Power Station entrance.

It seems likely that the outcome of the “The Impossible 4D Prediction” will be covered by Channel News Asia, The New Paper, Shinmin Daily, Razor TV, AsiaOne, CTV (Taiwan) so far!

St James has created a dedicated area for the 4D Prediction to be showcased for the next 5 days. Anyone can go down 24/7 and check out the box hanging high up from the wall outside their main entrance.

The Concept:Magic team was done early to oversee installation of the “prediction wall” as we call it and all was ready by 6pm.

We took the stage about 835pm for the sealing of our 4D prediction in front of a live audience and cameras.

Hanlin, our photographer, suggested we take this creative shot before we went on stage. Great idea with nice results!

Minutes before taking the stage.

Ning displaying our 4D Prediction that includes a type-written note and a single lottery ticket for a single number.

After sealing the Red Packet in a clear plastic tube, the tube was attached to a stand that was secured inside a strong box made of Lexan shatterproof glass and steel.

This strong box was then encased into another plexiglass box and padlocked.

Ms Ranita Sundra, Deputy Director Arts & Entertainment of the Singapore Tourism Board, was present to audit the proceedings of the prediction sealing and signed two gold seal stickers that will prevent the prediction chests from being tampered with.

Prediction chest being lifted up to be suspended.

The prediction chest being secured to a custom steel bracket high up on the wall with stainless steel attachments, chain and securtiy padlocks.

The entire prediction chests set-up.

Two additional security cameras were installed on top of St James’ existing ones to look over the prediction chests over the next 5 days.

Interviews followed for a variety of media.

We will be announcing a Facebook contest shortly where one lucky winner will walk away with $888 CASH!

Join our newly named Facebook page at

Not only that, we have hit over 1000 fans on our page and earily promised that we would conduct a lucky draw where one fan will win a $500 DVD voucher. This will happen very shortly too!

With all the excitment of our “The Impossible 4D Prediction”, don’t forget, we have a brand new full-hour show next week!

If you have not bought your ticket to our new illusion show “Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions” that opens next week, do so now! Tickets are available online, at St James Memebrship Counter and at the door.

26 – 30 Jan 2010, 8pm


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