The Impossible 4D Prediction Makes News Asia wide

 “The Impossible 4D Prediction” continues to go viral on the Internet and the story has now been picked up by online media in countries throughout Asia. From what we have seen, the story was picked countries throughout Asia like Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China.

Our blog and website hits have skyrocketed since the announcement of the act on Monday but have now surged even higher 3 days later. Ning’s blog hits have hit dizzy limits 😀

Hong Kong based CNN webiste site featured our story under “Buzz” that is going on in Singapore so it is awesome that we are putting our country on the world map once again even though this was designed as a domestic-centric “stunt”.

Read the article here.

Several China newspapers translated the story and even dug up some older photos of ours!

You can read several of the articles here:

The immense online buzz of “The Impossible 4D Prediction” made the search term “magic babe ning” the 3rd most popular search on Yahoo Singapore on 20 Jan 2010, above Jay Chou and Obama. That is incredible! Who would have thought a Singapore magician could garner so much public interest.

 You can see a larger image here

The publicity and exposure of this psychological illusion is probably more far reaching than we know but we are also facing minor obstacles.

Ning shared in her blog first about how the Media Development Authority (MDA) pulled us off our scheduled radio interviews on 98.7FM & 95.0FM because they think our “The Impossible 4D Prediction” promotes gambling.

But, trust me when we say this, if we have given thought to the prediction of winning lottery numbers, we have given even more thought on the sensitivity and the knee jerk reaction of our regulatory authorities here.

Anyone who has actually read what we are going to do knows that there is in no way the psychological illusion promotes gambling. In fact, we have a strong anti-gambling stance as stressed constantly. Is the Singapore Government going to censor our country’s first magic act? If so, that would be awesome as, this could be bigger than we thought!

Honestly, we are not surprised by their actions as we anticipated it because they often react on the safe side even though they have no idea what it is about. But, it is ironic as they are preventing us from spreading an anti-gambling message which is part of the crux and motivation of this psychological illusion. A greater irony would probably be that the lottery we are basing our prediction on is state-run. Not to mention that this country is also preparing for the opening of two new casinos to be opened shortly this year.

Ning & I are responsible Singaporean public figures and our “story’ of “The Impossible 4D Prediction” has really just begun. Let’s hope, the relevant authorities try to better understand what we are doing first so that the country and the world gets to see how it will play out…


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