A Peek into our 4D Prediction Boxes!!!

Thanks for all the awesome support response to our latest BIG “STUNT”!

Honestly, we have got even more support than before from friends, fans, industry partners, the media and general public for “The Impossible 4D Prediction”.

We really really are grateful with all the buzz this project is getting and we are getting excited with the anticipation to deliver! But, our goal is to deliver exactly what we have said from Day 1.

Here is some behind the scenes info on the prediction stunt: The idea of predicting the lottery was the favourite suggested mega stunt made by our Facebook friends and fans in a poll we did in early 2009. I guess everyone loved the idea of winning money.

Based on this feedback from our audience, we went about developing the method and presentation for such a prediction and chose the 4D as it is the most well known local lottery.  

(Photo credit: Jason Ong)

We must declare that we do not condone gambling of any form. In fact, Ning & I have never bought a 4D ticket in our lives but we also believe that you should try something exciting once in your life, as long as it is legal, ethical and does not harm anyone. So, we will be buying a single ticket for the first and last time for this stunt.

We are very excited with this stunt as it is a departure from our past mega illusions and stunts for two reasons. One, our past stunts have all been physical large scale acts of illusion. Two, the stunts have always taken place at a single point in time.

For “The Impossible 4D Prediction”, this is purely a psychological illusion and it is an “Event” that lasts about a week, from the time we seal the prediction chest and opening it. The public can come by at anytime during the week to experience and view the suspended prediction chest.  

Plus, our fans will be happy that we are taking on their suggestion.

Here is a peek into our 4D Prediction boxes.

For the record, we will only make our final prediction and buy the lottery ticket tomorrow, on 21 Jan 2010. And as I have stressed before, this is the ticket that will go into the box and will be taken out on the reveal date.

We’ve heard people talk about us altering/ forging a ticket. If you know of a way to do that 100% accurate, please let us know. For now, we have to go with the real thing.


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