Online BUZZ on The Impossible 4D Prediction

The online buzz that “The Impossible 4D Prediction” received has been incredible. There have been pages of posts on the psychological illusion on many local forums.

We are also really elated that many websites have picked up on our next BIG “STUNT” 😀

This is, no doubt, our most thought provoking stunt yet… you have got to see what we have in store.

Thanks to the following websites for picking up on “The Impossible 4D Prediction”:

A very popular news aggregator that ranks news stories according to popularity. Ours is listed as the 2nd most popular story as of this writing! Wow!

Read the article here:

Singapore Happenings

An event listings site that lists all the must see “happenings” in the country

Wayang Times

A popular online daily that is widely read by many throughout Asia.


One of the worlds top magic news sites

Hot Illusion

A magic news and info site

Red Dot Magic

The gung ho team at Red Dot Magic are supporters of all good things magic in Singapore.

IBM Ring 115 portal

We no doubt got the support from our local International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring for this first of its kind act in Singapore.

We also had mentions in popular news aggregator Singapore Daily as well as subsidiary website of CNN, on their “Daily Hits List”

Thanks guys!

And once again, I would like to stress:

1) We are predicting a single 4-digit number but will not be revealing it until the draw.

2) We will be purchasing a single ticket with a single number.

3) The prediction that will be revealed will include a written note and the same actual lottery ticket, that will be opened to scrutiny and examination by anyone interested.

4) We will be doing this one and only one time.

5) We do not have any supernatural powers. We only have a unique skillset and experience in illusion techniques that are based on scientific, mathematical, optical and psychological principles.


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