Our Next BIG “STUNT”: The Impossible 4D Prediction

There has been a buzz of anticipation on our Facebook pages regarding our next BIG “STUNT”. Well, it is official, our next BIG “STUNT” is:

“The Impossible 4D Prediction”

Ning & I are attempting to predict the winning 4D lottery numbers for the draw on 27 Jan 2010 at about 630pm.

(For my overseas readers, the “4D” or “4-Digit” draw is Singapore’s most well-known and played weekly lottery draw.)

The entire “stunt” will take place over a period of one-week.

PART 1 – 22 Jan 2010 at 8.30pm, St James Power Station Main Entrance

This coming Friday,  in front of a live audience, we will seal our 4-digit number prediction in a giant red packet (红包).

The prediction, in the form of a written note, as well as a single purchased lottery ticket for a  single number,  will be placed into a plastic clear tube with caps.

This clear tube will then be locked into a see-through tamper-proof Lexan and aluminum container. This container will then be incased in an outer Plexiglas box.

A gold seal will be placed over the padlock and signed by a representative of the Singapore Tourism Board who will be auditing the proceedings.

The prediction will remain sealed and left suspended 3m above ground, in front of St James Power Station’s main entrance for the next 6 days.

The public is free to come by to view the suspended prediction chest anytime (24/7) over the course of the week. Additional security cameras and security personnel will be deployed to ensure that the clear acrylic chest holding the lottery prediction is kept safe and untampered by anyone, including our own team.

PART 2 – 27 Jan 2010 at 6.30pm,  St James Power Station The Boiler Room

On the following Wed, we will open the chest and reveal our prediction, once the official 4D results are drawn by Singapore Pools.

Members of the public are invited to come down to The Boiler Room @ St James at 6.30pm on this date to witness this ‘live’ revelation of the 4D prediction in real time. Admission is also free.

Andrew Ing, COO of St James Holdings Ltd shares, “The 4D prediction is definitely one of a kind and it has never been done before in Singapore.  It will be the talk of the town and have everyone anticipating for the moment of truth!” 

The Singapore Tourism Board’s representative, Ms Ranita Sundra, Deputy Director, Arts and Entertainment, will be present to audit the proceedings of the prediction to ensure that everything is legitimate and fair.

Spread the word on our latest BIG “STUNT” and look out for a soon to be announced Facebook contest where you stand a chance to win $888 cold hard cash!

Oh, we hope to see you at the sealing and revelation of the prediction!

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4 Responses to Our Next BIG “STUNT”: The Impossible 4D Prediction

  1. Darren says:

    Wow…That is a steady one…hope U guys can work that out successfully…
    I will spread msg on my Twitter and Facebook for you guys!

  2. Benjamin says:

    Hey, the recent conclustion of the 4D prediction was both morally and socially undesirable. After all, this is magic and a strong message should be delivered to the public that it was mere ‘illusion’ or a clever ‘sleight of hand’; however, you blatantly claimed that you employed numerology and some programs to accurately predict the ‘prize-winning’ numbers over a span of a few weeks.
    I believe you have the social responsibility to present a fair and unskewed side of their performance and not be ‘the devil’s advocate’ just for the sake of publicity. Also, I abhor the idea of those young and impressionable among the audience who would inadvertently be misled to believe that there’s a feasible short cut to ‘the 4D golden numbers’.
    Let’s hope that you would be more prudent in their future publicity stunts.
    All the best in your illustrious career:)

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