Important Disclaimer for The Impossible 4D Prediction

Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming support!

Public response to our latest psychological illusion has been incredible in the media and forums. Today, the act was covered by Channel News Asia, The New Paper, 91.3FM, tons of online forums, blogs and news aggregators; not to mention we made the covers of both Chinese evening papers! Whew!

We have been bombarded with questions, “accusations” and challenges… which is all good as it is part of the job. But I would like to take this entry to make a few very important disclaimers:

1) Please do not ask us for numbers, we have yet to decide on them too. Our original intention was to reveal the numbers first but were advised NOT to do so as this may provoke unnecessary betting. Ning & I do not condone gambling, which is why we have never bought a lottery ticket before. This will be our first & last time buying a lottery ticket.

2) We will be buying a single lottery ticket with a single number. The ticket in the chests will be the actual ticket and can be verified by anyone after it is revealed. To believe this and verify this for yourself, come down to St James Power Station on 27 Jan 2010 at 630pm.

3) We have never claimed any supernatural “powers” or abilities and have in fact disputed them. As with all our mega illusions and stunts, we have explained that all methods are a combination of scientific, mathematical, optical and psychological principles. We have never misled or been vague about this at anytime.

In the meantime, enjoy the week-long experience and see how it unfolds at the end!

To watch us perform more than just a single illusion live, watch us at “Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions” from 26 – 30 Jan 2010.

Follow Ning’s blog too to hear her side of this incredible thought provoking “stunt”:


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