Show Updates and our Next BIG “STUNT”

I know… I’ve not been updating my blog for a week now. because we have been tremendously busy and it is going to be even busier come Monday, all the way to Chinese New Year.

Ok, that may be partially an excuse… but we have been busy.

It has been a solid week of rehearsing and producing for our two upcoming projects Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions” as well as our next BIG “STUNT”. On top of that, it has been meetings and proposal submissions for a number of corporate launches and customized shows in Feb.

So, the consistent 10 – 12 hour work days are bringing back memories for the team when we were preparing for all our major projects and shows.

The new illusions and acts for our week-long gig at St James Power Station from 26 Jan – 30 Jan 2010 are looking very fine! We showcased a couple of the new illusions at the Merlin Awards/ Sneak Preview last Oct but we have even more things up our sleeves. There will be more humour in the show, new routines as well as audience interactivity compared to “Ultimate Magic”, which was targeted to a more diverse tourist audience group.

You can get tickets for the show direct from the St James membership counter or buy them online at

If you are on our Facebook page, you would have heard about our next BIG “STUNT” that will be announced on 18 Jan 2010 at midnight, early Monday morning.

Our goal over the last 3 years has been to push the envelope in presenting mega acts that are not just innovative on a local level but international level as well.

It is fulfilling to put Singapore on the world map when validated not just by established media like Channel News Asia, The Straits Times, AXN Asia, StarWorld; large organizations such as the Singapore Tourism Board and Singapore Press Holdings but also by the international magic community like the International Brotherhood of Magicians, International Magicians Society and magicseen magazine.

This time round, we are presenting a stunt that we are confident will capture the attention and minds of all Singaporeans! This is going to be another first of its kind magic-centric stunt ever in Singapore and we are proud to present it as a huge kick-off for 2010!

We have planned this since Destination X (Aug 2009), where we teleported a Volkswagon 15km in 8.5 seconds. The nature and method of this new stunt determined the exact date for this to happen and everything was planned backwards from there. We were also pacing ourselves because 2009 was a big year of high profile projects for us and there were also a lot of other magic activities going on at the end of the year.

Journalists who we have shared our next BIG “STUNT” with have exclaimed how the stunt is so “different from your usual high profile acts”. We are really excited with it because it is such a departure for us and the “stunt” itself is so inherently different from anything we have done before.

Look out for news on our next BIG “STUNT” on The Newpaper, Channel News Asia and at least 3 local radio stations in the next few days of the new week!

Here are some hints:

Possible hints to our next BIG “STUNT: a) Teleporting a MRT Train b) Sawing a Politician in Half” c) Reading the Minds of 1000 people d) None of the above

For real: The “stunt” is actually the most popular suggestion made by our Facebook friends and fans when we ran an informal poll early last year.

Stay tuned!


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