Custom “Old School” Optimus Prime COMPLETE!!

I’m happy to announce that I have completed my custom Optimus Prime figure!

I must has spent over 120 hours on it, but half of that time was probably experimenting on different customization and modification techniques.

Like my illusion and magic desing philosophy, my intention is not to recreate what other people have done so well. There have been truly awesome customization jobs done on ROTF Prime by Frenzy Rumble, Sabrina and Crefigz (an incredible repaint and mod that no doubt inspired many customizers).

My goal is to create different interpretations of Primes that are cool, entertaining and different. Why reinvent the wheel when I can give an original spin to the piece?

Read about this custom at my Custom Optimus Prime blog at: for more photos, examples of my work and learn how to customize your own Optimus Prime.

custom optimus prime


About J C Sum

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8 Responses to Custom “Old School” Optimus Prime COMPLETE!!

  1. Ning says:

    Wow!!! Totally AWESOME!!!! 🙂

  2. Ade says:

    The addition of the triple barrel gun is really cool!

    Can’t wait to see your other Primes when they are done!! *grin*

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