“Street Illusions” DVD Trailer

In early 2006, I produced Singapore’s first regular Street Magic series for Ch 8 on MediaCorp TV. Looking back at the footage, it is quite amazing how the team came up with 15 epsiodes of content in such a short time. We literally were called on to do the show two weeks before filming although I had been in talks with MediaCorp since late 2004.

Anyway, the content was far from perfect but in hindsight and repeat viewing, a lot of the stuff we did was pretty innovative.  We also packed a lot of content in a short filming time/ budget.

As a small year-end projects for ourselves. We just cut a new trailer, or rather a first ever, trailer for this series. It shows me filming in different locations in Singapore and some of the highlights from the show.

Watch the trailer below or on Youtube here.

I have rights to sell the DVD version (internationally) and the VCD version was distributed by TS Video in Singapore & Malaysia. The DVD and VCD both contains a bonus section which includes more Street Magic segments.

You can buy the DVD from www.illusionbooks.com/street_illusions.html


About J C Sum

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