Illusion Show for BritOil

On Friday, we presented a full illusion show for BritOil.

We have done half a dozen shows so far this month and each show has been different. We are fortunate that our arsenal of illusions allow us to stage the right show based on the venue, audience and client’s expectiations.

This show for BritOil had it all: Cool original illusions, witty patter, visual magic and a hot babe falling on her butt.

That’s right, during the show, Ning headed down as usual from the stage to look for someone to check out her Straight Jacket. I turned away to check on the sound console and the next thing I heard was a slight stumble… ” argh!!”… and “oww”. I turned, looked and saw that Ning had slipped on the stage steps. Thankfully, she was not seriously hurt and recovered smoothly and almost instantly. But her tailbone is still a tad sore.

In all honesty, I think Ning has a subconscious Charlie’s Angel complex as she always talks about how the chicks in Charile’s Angel (the remake movie version) are interesting because they are hot gals who can kick ass but are also quite ditzy. So, slipping on the steps is her way of making her more likable to the audience 😛

For this show, we performed many of our favourite grand illusions including “Crystal Appearance”, “The Spike Box”, “Human Light Tunnel” and “Extreme Burn“.

The mixed crowd of top management with operations staff loved the show. No one was eating as it was an after-lunch show so it almost like a dinner theatre show; also due to the way we set up the room.

They went crazy for many illusions including when Ning teleported to the back of the room for the finale. We were happy to pull off a great show even though Ning & I have been down for the whole week with a bad flu.

This weekend is a rest weekend thankfully and we are spending it resting up ready for another big week to come.

About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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