The Magic of Dulux

This past Wed, Ning, the team and myself staged a custom grand illusion show for a launch dinner event for Dulux paint.

Originally, we were booked for a customized 30min show. The budget had to be almost tripled (much to the ‘horror’ of the client) but we helped them understand that a custom show to be effective requires molah. The end result was a custom show that killed at tonight’s event!

We launched a brand new total solutions for interior walls called Dulux All.

It was an action packed show full of surprise for the audience. Among our standard illusions with a few twists, we created several custom illusions just for the show based on the client’s product messages.

Here are two examples of custom illusions we produced. From various customized Dulux shipping cases and boxes, we produced not only the General Manager but he then magically conjured up the brand new Dulux All from a box which had all four doors completely opened up.

Subsequently, the General Manager became the magic star of the show where he took an empty Dulux All paint and produced paint from it as well as a endless multi-coloured streamer that filled the stage to represent Dulux All’s largest colour range!

We presented a custom “Extreme Odour” illusion which saw us highlight the low ordour benefit of Dulux All. It also featured Ning teleporting from the stage to one end of the ballroom in seconds!

The show went over fantastically well and drew great response from the crowd!


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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2 Responses to The Magic of Dulux

  1. Darren says:

    Wow…I am really amazed on the modifications you did in your stuff…They are quite cool(based on the pictures).

    From Matchsticks to Paint Rollers…That’s a cool one…

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