Volcanic Cocktail Magic Mix for FHM Party

As you know, Ning performed at the FHM Christmas party on Thurs at Modiva, St James Power Station. Besides performing a couple of routines from her “Deadly Sexy Magic” one-gal show, she performed a brand new effect we created just for this party.

We custom designed this sequence and spent a couple of days working with different cocktail shakers to get the right effect. We actually designed and fabricated a precision-made gimmick and modified the cocktail shaker to make it work. Thanks to Luis de Matos for the blow torch sequence!

Our first test proved to be successful in the studio and for fun, we left the cap of the shaker when the ignition took place. The magic prop was transformed into a deadly weapon whent he cap was launched 10min across our studio by the sheer air pressure created by a small volcanic blast.

Here is what the audience witnessed last Thursday:

Ning picked up a portable butane blowtorch and lights it. She then passed her hand over the flame four times, apparantly impervious to the heat of the intense flame.

She then used the blow torch to light her fire torch, where upon she placed the head of the fire torch into her mouth and ate the flame.

After that appetizer, Ning picked up a cocktail shaker and showed it empty. She then poured a portion of liquid into it from a wine bottle.

Finally, she recapped the shaker and gave the contents a good mix. Taking a lighter, she heated up the bottom of the cocktail shaker and a large fireball of a volcano erupted from the shaker.

Simulateously, the back curtian dropped revealing a giant replica of the FHM Jan 2010 cover along with two FHM santarinas!


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