Illusions currently in our Corporate Show line-up

We have a series of large-scale illusion shows for corporate events this month. Yesterday, we staged a big show at Shangri-la where we showcased an action-packed 30min illusion show that we presented bilingually in English and Mandarin. The international crowd loved the show and the management were pleased that their top dollar was well spent.

The Concept:Magic team has designed different show packages that allows us to stage grand illusion shows that fit all venues, loading bays and staging requirements worldwide. Our decade-long experience of producing event-based magic shows has helped us craft the biggest illusion show even in the most challenging event environments. Plus, our material is fresh and unique to us!

One client remarked how we have unique illusions and fresh presentations even though she has seen dozens of magic shows in Las Vegas, Australia, Europe and at events. Another client apparently uses the “Youtube test” too!

Here are the illusions currently featured in our current season of corporate shows:

Our latest – The Spike Box

Light & Space

Crystal Metamorphosis

Crystal Appearance

360 Sawing

Extreme Burn

Human Light Tunnel

For special shows and venues, we still have available “Full Throttle Version 3”, “The Sandman Levitation”, “Revollusion”, “Shadow Vision” and my new design for “Spiker” with a transparent top box.

Look out for us at your next event – we might just be there!


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