Planning, Pitching, Practising & Performing

Marketing has its four Ps, well, it seems the work at Concept:Magic has its own four Ps. It has been incredibly busy. Yesterday, I was handling the planning, pitching, practising & performing for 10 projects taking place in Dec 2009 – Feb 2010, here in Singapore and overseas. Among the projects are many customized and custom created one-off shows for launches and conferences. Looks like we might be doing up to 4 or 5 shows for New Year’s Eve as well!

I’m thankful that we still get the first call from event producers for high end corporate & special events. While we not always be able to accomodate the budget, I’m still very appreciative we are the first choice.

Tomorrow, we have a big illusion show for a corporate event and we are squeezing in a number of large illusions into a tight 30min show. Among other acts, we will be including  grand illusions like our Crystal Appearance, The Spike Box, Crystal Metamorphosis and 360 Sawing. It is really a unique mix of visual urban illusions that are not seen in any other show in the world.

Given all the high profile public shows we did this year with “Ultimate Magic”, The Impossible Record“, “Destination X“, “Merlin Awards Show”, it was a conscious decision not to do any more public mega events or shows for the rest of the year. After, there are many great magic events this month organized by many different parties.

However, we will be making a special appearance at the finals of the Square 2 magic competition on 13 Dec 2009 at about 5pm. The client was originally interested to book Ning to be a judge for the competition but they realized their money would be better spent hiring both of us to perform at the grand finale of the competition. So, be there if you are free. We will be giving away a copy of our magicseen cover magazine to one lucky person!

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