Ning’s photoshoot for NuYou

Notice I said Ning and not ‘Magic Babe’ because typically, when ‘Magic Babe’ does a photoshoot, you expect something like this…

or, this…

However, for a photoshoot she did this past week for Nuyou and Estee Lauder, ‘Magic Babe’ Ning was no where to be seen. Instead, we saw a girl that I have not seen in a long time.

Due to the nature of the shoot, Ning was asked to be the “sweet gal next door” and was styled accordingly. It really goes to show you how versatile this FHM cover girl is 😉

This is the second time Nuyou is shooting Ning. Last year, they shot two looks of ‘Magic Babe’ in a fashion feature. This time around, it is a joint feature for Nuyou and Estee Lauder. I’ll let Ning share more photos and tell you about the story behind the shoot when she blogs in a couple of days here.


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