The Business of Show Business

I’ve not been blogging for a couple of days because the team has been busy with the development and preparation of many projects.

Our schedule for Dec is filling up with coporate shows as with Jan 2010. Remember, we have “Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions” in the last week of Jan 2010 as well as something very special.

We are also working on several new projects for 2010 and the last few weeks have been negotiating deals and mutually agreeing on terms. This week alone, we had to negotiate the terms of projects. 3 went through, 1 did not but that is a good percentage!

Negotiating so that all parties are happy is a sweet science. One commonly advised tactic of negotiation is to compromise and meet halfway. I think that should be only the last resort as I feel it is not a win-win situation as both parties do not get what they want. So, meeting halfway can in a way be seen as a loss-loss situation instead.

The technique that has worked for me is to creatively find alternatives (and come prepared with these alternatives) that meet your objectives. For example, if you are negotiating on price or a professional fee, it is helpful to remember that value can come in many forms, not just monetary. If you can find a way to recognize value that indirectly translates into monetary returns, you will realize that you can close more win-win deals.

This is the “business” side of show business and this component of our work is keeping us especially busy now because we are setting ourselves up for 2010. It looks like it is going to be an awesome year and we look forward to break new ground in magic once again.

We recently updated our corporate website ( We are doing more high end magic production work for special events and television and have cut down on providing small acts for events.

While we are still developing new talent, it is not under the Concept:Magic brand. Concept:Magic is focusing on illusion content which is what local and international clients and event producers know us for. Our mega illusions in the last 3 years have also cemented us as producers of mega magic events that have yet to be rivaled in this part of the world.

Check out our corporate video on the right side of the index page. Our work has evolved over the last year.


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