Our Magic in International Magic TV Shows Now on DVDs

We are happy to announce that our brand magic has crept its way into two international magic TV shows that are now released on DVD. Another small way we are proud to put Singapore on the world map! 🙂

The International Magicians Society has produced a TV show and DVD set on magicians from 32 countries. The entire series took two years to film.

Among the magicians that are featured include Criss Angel, Brett Daniels, Peter Marvey, Shimada and many others.


Ning & I are the privileged to be representing Singapore as one of the 32 countries in the “Great Magicians of the World”. While the title of the show is a tad pompous, it is safe to say that the magicians featured are very good, have a proven track record and are one of the best that the respective countries have to offer.

We are honoured to have been chosen by the International Magicians Society (IMS) for the show and two of our illusions are featured in the show.

Our performance was shot from multiple angles during our 6 Oct 2009 preview show at St James Power Station. From what Tony Hassini (President of IMS) told us, our footage is really good and the edited performances look great.

Incidentally, we were the last country to be filmed for this show. You can buy the DVD set for US$75 here.

Another TV show that has been released on DVD is Franz Harary’s “Magic Planet”. Franz Harary is an American illusionist and brilliant illusion designer.


You might not have heard of him because his work is mainly in the high end corporate events and live concert market. He created illusions for Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Backstreet Boys.

In 2004/ 2005, he went around the world performing and filming other magicians in different countries. While this is somewhat similar to what Tony Hassini did, this show is different because the focus is on Franz and each episode features one country.

I’ve seen one episode because he sent me the episode that I’m featured in. The production values are extremely high and the overall show is entertaining and the format is akin to a Discovery Travel and Living-type show.

The episode I’m featured in is “Bangladesh” because I was an invited performer/ lecturer for an International Magic Festival produced by Ali Raj (Bangladesh’s top magician). So, this show features a younger me performing material that has since been retired from my show 😛

It was also at this festival that I had conversations with New York Times writer and now best-selling author, Neil Strauss. I also had the pleasure of interacting with Florida-based magician Travis Wrinkler.

Anyway, I think this DVD set is a highly entertaining series and features many of Harary’s mega illusions. You can buy the DVDs here


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