Sexy Urban Magic across Commercial Marketplaces

About half a decade ago, the majority of my work was focused on the corporate events market. In recent years, I have been developing opportunities to bring my magic to different markets, beyond the event industry.

With Ning now, our distinct brand of “Sexy Urban Magic” has been permeating across different markets from special events, mega events, ticketed shows, TV shows, and high-end corporate events. This has allowed us to maintain the focus of our craft and brand yet make our work relevant different markets, clients and target audiences.

For corporate events, we also select shows and organizations who feel we add value to their value beyond just doing a ‘magic show’. There are many excellent magicians who can stage a solid magic show but no one can bring “J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ celebrity to the event… duh. Such as the case with the Nuffnang Blog Awards that attendees are still blogging about.


Our first 3 months of 2010 will be jam-packed with a variety of exciting projects spanning different markets and mediums. We are also looking at a number of projects that could possibly see us through to the end of 2010, so we approach those with cautious optimism.

We have been approached to be part of various projects and are in a privileged position to take on the projects that we feel we can contribute to and at the same time showcase our brand positively.

While we would love to take on all work, we need to also choose the right projects, especially when it comes to the high profile ones. This is to ensure we do not overexpose/ dilute our brand and can give our client or partner the exclusive high value they deserve. The basic economics of supply and demand apply here.

Being selective allows us not to take on any small event that comes along. This ensures we can showcase our product in the right setting with the adequate technical requirements in place. As such, we have actually revamped our corporate show packages to reflect a scale and production value that clients are now expecting from having us at their event.

The new “Spike Box” for our smallest event show package is coming along nicely and we are thrilled that we have been able to showcase our brand of urban illusions, equality as onstage partners and performance style all through the single illusion performance and design of the illusion.

About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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