More Singapore Magic in the Media

Over the last 2 weeks, Ning & I were constantly greeted by strangers who said they saw us on TV. While, people do generally acknowledge us with recognition when we are in a public place, we were a bit confused because the last time we were on TV was on Ch 8 and Star World earlier in the year.

Then, we realized that they were referring to a short segment that we taped on Ch U called 最近比较忙(translation is “Channel U Busy Lately”) during our appearanc for the MediaCorp tradeshow. It aired regularly between programs in the last two weeks of Oct.

We talked about the tradeshow as well as working with Thomas Ong who will be starring in a new serial called “The Illusionist” next year.


chU 2

chU 3

chU 4

And, it is also fantastic that we are still continually get the support of the international magic media.

Dodd Vickers runs the “Magic News Wire“, a popular magic magic new site and aggregator. Without any initiation from our part, he ran a blurb on our new 2010 showreel DVD. Check it out here.


Thanks so much Dodd!


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