Expect more Singapore Magic to be on the World Map Soon!

Our projects that we are developing for early next year are going great! Planning, developing and negotiating any large-scale project takes a lot of time, strategic thinking and luck. We are really excited that a number of key projects that we have been working on for 2010 are moving forward positively. We are going to have more opportunity to put Singapore on the world map again ūüėÄ

It is awesome that we are getting so much positive feedback and encouragement on being the first Asian (and by default Singapore) magicians to be featured on the cover of magicseen magazine. Close industry friends are getting copies of this magazine to get a sneak peek into the magical world of magicians and mentalists. Remember, you can buy the physical copy or soft copy of the magazine at www.magicseen.co.uk

It is also¬†fantastic that we are getting great support from the local magic community on our Merlin Awards, even though the awards presentation cum sneak preview to “Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions” was almost 1 month ago. A local magician just expressed his heartfelt acknowledgements for us doing our small part to put Singapore on the world map. Thanks Shade! You can read his blog entry here.


About J C Sum

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