Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions Early Bird Tickets from 9 Nov 2009

Although it is 3 months away, the team is already gearing up for “Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions” amidst our corporate bookings for private events.

This past weekend we presented our illusion for the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards. It was great to be able perform some of our favourite “urban illusions” like “Crystal Appearance”, “Crystal Metamorphosis” and “Light & Space” to the international crowd. Yesterday, Ning presented her One-gal show to a crowd of about 500 people for the PWD-BCA Club.

The weeks ahead will see us rehearsing and marketing “Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions”.

If you were part of the full-house crowd that attended our sneak preview on 6 Oct 2009, you would have seen some of our new illusions and new presentations of existing ones. For the full new show on 26 Jan – 30 Jan 2010, we will be working on 3 more new “urban illusions” that I’m quite excited about.

St James is really excited to have us at The Boiler Room and are going all out to make this first run a success. We have also developed our publicity plan and will have a big surprise in store for the country come the new year.

If you watched us at “Ultimate Magic” – Singapore’s first permanent illusion show during our one-year run, this new show is completely different! It will be 85% different in content and 100% different in feel and delivery. Essentially, it will be a brand new experience that you can bring all your friends to watch.

Tickets for “Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions” will be on sale from 9 Nov 2009. The early bird promotional period will be from 9 Nov – 15 Dec 2009 and you will get a 15% discount if you purchase the tickets during this time.

Ticket price is as follows:

S$40 inclusive of one standard drink
15% off for early birds and St James members
20% off for corporate bookings of 10 tickets and more.

More info will be released in the next week before tickets go on sale.

About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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3 Responses to Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions Early Bird Tickets from 9 Nov 2009

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  2. Decbelle says:

    Hi, May i know where to buy the early birds tickets? My bf loves your shows. I wish to buy him a pair of tickets for him to view as our anniversary gifts.

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