Back to Back Media Features on a Monday!

We had a pleasant surprise this morning when we learnt that Ning & I had two different media features published in two different outlets today.

Thanks to Joyce Stella who Facebooked my 2-page feature, ““魔幻境界 魔术师的秘密”, that came out on I-Weekly. It is a great spread and really brings our the urban style of our illusion performances. Magic in Singapore looks cool! 😀 The issue 624 is out now at newsstands and bookstores so grab your copy!

Ning’s entertainment feature by Channel News was also published today. This was a lovely article on Ning that looked at the gal behind the ‘Magic Babe’ character. As I mentioned before, I love the photo that accompanies the article as showcases concrete validation of what makes ‘Magic Babe’… ‘Magic Babe’. A Merlin in one hand and a FHM cover next to it. Which other magician in the world has that?

Read the feature here:

As a bonus, online news content provider, Wayang Times, also did a full feature on Ning. With content from Wikipedia, they put together photos and videos on Singapore’s only professional female magician! Thanks guys 🙂

Check it out here:


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