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After all the excitement of the Merlin Awards and working on the new show’s sneak preview on 6 Oct 2009, it was a great time to reflect on how this particular project went.

The publicity and marketing plans for this special event were tricky for this particular event as it came off back to back mega events. We had been planning this as early as Apr 2009 when we were informed that we were nominated to be considered for Merlin Awards.

Award W

Our publicity team did an amazing job with the PR for announcing the Merlin Awards and new show at St James Power Station. In particular, it was the PR strategy that made the difference for the mainstream publicity for this project. While tactics are always important, our extensive media coverage over the past 2 years necessitated that we changed our PR strategy. Our PR team’s new strategy was spot on and the keen understanding of how to work with the media clearly shows. We worked hard to dovetail a lot of our projects and media features together. With careful planning and execution, we managed to leverage the various different projects together for maximum effect.

But, at the end of the day, solid PR and marketing can only get you so far, for so long. Almost anyone who understands PR or hires a good agency can get a first wave of media coverage. But it is the final consistent innovative product that determines if there will be a 2nd, 3rd or 4th wave. Our Merlins did garner quite a bit of media interest and was featured in newspapers, radio, TV and online:

  1. “The Babe behind the magic”, Channel News Asia, 12 Oct 2009
  2. Part 1 – Singaporeans win Magic Oscars, Razor TV, 10 Oct 2009
  3. Part 2 -Sexy Magic, Razor TV, 10 Oct 2009
  4. Part 3 – Blood Sweat Sex Magic, Razor TV, 10 Oct 2009
  5. Part 4 – Straight Jacket Striptease, Razor TV, 10 Oct 2009
  6. Part 5 – Urban Illusions, Razor TV, 10 Oct 2009
  7. “Merlin Awards/ Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusion”, Red Dot Magic, 10 Oct 2009
  8. “Feeling feline on her ledge”, The New Paper, 10 Oct 2009
  9. “FCube”, 93.8FM lunchtime show, 8 Oct 2009
  10. “Muttons to Midnite”, 98.7FM, Night Show, 8 Oct 2009
  11. “Touching the world with their magic”, Channel News Asia, 7 Oct 2009
  12.  “Magic duo makes history again”, TODAY, 5 Oct 2009
  13. “Five things to do this week”, The Sunday Times Lifestyle, 4 Oct 2009
  14. “Most Original Illusionists: Official” (Cover), MagicSeen issue 29, Nov 2009
  15. “Trick Tease” (Cover), FHM Singapore, Oct 2009 
  16. “魔幻境界 魔术师的秘密”, I-weekly, 12 Oct 2009
  17. CTV (Taiwan), Oct 2009
  18. “J C Sum & Ning take on the world”, MagicSeen issue 28, Sep 2009  

It is our primary job to ensure our core product is of the highest standards in terms of production and design. It is successfully conceived and executed projects like “The Impossible Teleportation”, “The Impossible Journey“, “The Impalement Cage“, “Inversion“, “The Impossible Record” and “Destination X” that makes continued marketing and media coverage possible. I am so proud that our team steps up to the plate and delivers at each and every event, show or project that we are involved in.

 A lot of people and reporters have been asking us what is next after this year’s series of mega illusions and Merlin Awards show.

Well, honestly, the Concept:Magic team is spending the rest of the year working corporate shows. Our last quarter calendar is filling up but we might have a number of public appearances but have rejected to do anymore mega illusions. We do not want to tire ourselves, public and media with another back to back mega event so instead are leveraging off our brand for bread & butter work.

Ning & I have a couple of media features coming out this month. One of the biggest features will be our magicseen magazine cover that will be out in Nov 2009.

We will also be busy preparing for a mega illusion planned for early next year as well as our full-week run at St James Power Station. The new full show have been planned but there is lots of room for changes. Here is a ‘fun fact’, we did not settle on the exact order of the preview show on 6 Oct until 2 days before the event, although all the acts were mapped out and rehearsed months before. We have also some unique ideas to promote this show which will be test our publicity team once again.

We are also exploring a new project for next year that we were approached to consider. This is exciting and challenging at the same time.

If I have time, I will also be working on refining a number of illusion designs that we will be offering to the magic community.

Stick around!

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